Jason Derr

What I'm doing now

This is my now page, from the now page movement by Derek Sivers. It's a page with information about what I'm up to now.

Home is Southern California.



As always, all my attention goes to my son 5 days a week(the other two days he's with his mom). We do whatever he feels like doing. Right now that is learning to swim, having nerf wars, playing video games and making videos for Saxalocity. I also make up math lessons and have him write book reports once a week to prepare for the 2nd grade.

When it's about me, I like to work out using the Simple and Sinster method from Pavel Tsatsouline. I also enjoy surfing Huntington Beach early Saturday mornings and playing God of War 4.


This section is for self-improvment. Things that currently need some attention.

This was updated on June 22, 2018.